Web Design

Design and Development

With all the options out there in this day and age it can certainly be easy for almost anyone to put together a website of their own. We realize that certainly is not a selling point for our services, but we also realize that there are plenty of key points to be considered when pursuing having a website made for your business, event, organization or otherwise. Below are only a few points that could be made, but they highlight the value our services can help provide to you when you hire us.

How are we looking?

A lot goes into producing a website that is bold and compelling. Some people just want quick and easy - and that's fair. If you are looking for something more, or if you haven't the eye for design, let us step up to the plate to make it happen.

What makes it tick?

Sure, some of the easy options out there come with some fancy features, but what if you want something more unique? What happens if you need a database and a whole system to track unique details from your users/customers?

How long?

Sometimes people just haven't the time, even for the quick and simple options, and sometimes they just do not know where to begin. In this fast-paced world, investing in expertise can establish ease of mind knowing your valuable time is freed up and your goal is accomplished.

Can I get an estimate?

We have an hourly rate posted on our Pricing page, and yes, we do factor that into the estimates that we produce when approached about any web design work to be completed. Our estimates are about more than narrowing the proposed work to be done down to a specific price tag, though.

We are always pushing ourselves to learn and to challenge ourselves - when the opportunity presents itself. When we formulate our estimates we evaluate your project for what we do know from experience and the that will take, along with a rough estimate of what we feel it will take to accompish what is beyond the scope of our experience.

When it comes to anything beyond our experience - and with so much to learn in the world of web development - we will be upfront with you in our process of taking in your details and exploring what it will take to accomplish your project.

We strive to keep to our estimates. If we go over because of our own reasons and actions we eat the cost, but if we go under we will only charge you for the overall time in on the project. We also strive to help you understand our expectations as you take part in your project(s), because as they say "It takes two to tango!" and the more smoothly our interactions and the flow of details and decisions - the better the result. Please take the time to read over the entries on our FAQ page to get a feel for what we feel are reasonable expectations on this topic and more.

Web Hosting

A house needs a home; a property to build it upon. For a website, that property is a hosting plan and where you host can make all the difference.

There are options out there that exist at low cost and provide a number of good points, but we offer something more.

In addition to the following:

  • Fast, secure, and reliable uptime
  • Unlimited email addresses
  • Unlimited hosted domain names
  • Plesk Management Console
  • Access to a range of free and paid website applications
  • Access to free and paid SSL Certificates to properly secure your website(s)
  • Back-up options
  • Flexible storage space and data transfer *

We also provide a limited amount of fast-reponse technical support each month, with the option to pay for additional hourly technical support (see Pricing for more information).

Unlike other companies that provide support at a similar hosting fee, we do more than provide generic responses and we certainly won't pass you off onto some FAQ.

* While most websites will not take up all that much storage space, sometimes there are exceptions and the same holds true for data transfer (the amount of data sent and received from the server). When exceptions such as this happen there may be additional charges that apply and those charges are determined on a case-by-case basis.