Graphic Design

Logo Design

A picture is worth a thousand words; a logo will tell even more.

Acting as the face of your operation, your logo will often serve as both the first impression and the lasting impression of both your name and what you are about.

Your logo is at the core of your branding strategy and can often be a strategy in itself, evolving over time. Some logos stand firm over time, while others aim to change and adapt to the times - the classic example is the comparison of Coca-Cola and Pepsi brandings.

To learn more about logo design, click here.

Business Cards

Give them more than just a handshake.

A firm handshake can make a strong impression, and with your business card in that hand you can turn that into a lasting impression with your contact information.

The right business card can take you far beyond that first handshake as your card gets handed around and your name spread through word-of-mouth.

While we produce these designs at the typical 3.5" x 2" dimensions, we would love to hear your ideas to help meet your needs.

Flyers / Posters

Herald in your upcoming event with a flyer in-hand and poster on the wall.

Whether keeping it simple, or going explosive-dramatic - with a flyer or poster there is endless possibilities to express what your event is all about and to let people know when and where it is all happening.

The typical flyer is 8.5" x 11" and we can work with you to produce your design in a range of sizes and dimensions.

Lit / Mailer Cards

Reach out and hit all the winning points with your voter base.

Inform the public who you are and what you have to offer to them, given the chance to serve them in office, with professional political designs that will have people taking a good, hard look.

Literature cards start at 4" x 6", but we are happy to get creative to give you winning results. For mailer cards, be sure to verify and provide us with the design requirements provided by your mailing service.

Signs and Billboards

Vote YES! on telling the world to vote YES! for you.

A little can go a long way, and when people are driving past a yard sign or billboard you only have moments to inform them all they need to know.

Whether you are informing the public of your bid in an upcoming election, or advertising your brand new product or service, you want to hit them with something striking and bold that will stay with them long after they drive by.

We can work with on you on yard signs of all dimensions, along with both physical and digital billboard designs.

Newspaper and Magazine Ads

Impress them at the presses and on the pages.

Society is in a rush these days, but there are still plenty who take the time to read newspapers, all sorts of magazines, and even comic books. As they are flipping through the pages, all it will take is your ad catching their eye for a single moment.

The right targeting with the right design will have your audience calling your number, checking your website, or hitting you up on social media.

Be sure to verify with the producer of the publication the dimensions, rules, and requirements of your ad(s) before any design work starts in order to ensure the best results.

Social Media

It's all about the memes, right?

From infographics to memes to website ads and more, social media has been the rising star of marketing for years now and has proven itself a powerful tool for being seen and spreading your word around the globe.

Sometimes a post will go viral, while other times your best approach a diligent posting schedule to keep your viewership growing and engaged.

With so many platforms and options out there it is important to understand who you are looking to reach and what it is you want to say. Let us help you along the way.
* Please note: Some graphic designs displayed here (in part or whole) have been produced while working with Midwest Political Group.